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on the front lines. still no deal on the debt limit and congress scrambles for a plan. and plus a sneaky speed trapment when you may see more officers on patrol. a growing trend. meet the sandwich generation t is 7:00 on a saturday july 30th. good morning to you. and take a look at the midsummer forecast for you t looks classic outside now. and low fog around the bay. we have a threat of storms creeping in our direction but
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it is stay clear to the east over the high country. they may have some thunder bumpers out. there we look for more sunshine clearing up. and the and mild at the pay and the -- bay and the coast. i'll have the forecast in a moment. >> thank you, jim. we're three days away from the deadline to raise the nation's debt limit. lawmakers in washington are searching for some sort of compromise. the senate rejected the house speaker's bill to raise the ceiling and cut spending by more than $900 billion. that no vote came after the house planned the plan. it contained that another debt increase could only happen if congress pass as balanced budget amendment. >> an amendment to the constitution of the united states of america that holds a gun to the head of the economy
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of the united states of america. >> and the senate will be using the framework of that bill to reach a compromise. last night, the senate majority leader did offer up a new plan that incorporates more concerns and allows the president to raise that debt ceiling in three steps. and here is the status right now as of friday, the government has less than $39 billion on hand to pay the bills. on tuesday that's less than 26 billion on wednesday that number is dropping to less than 15 billion. and amazing how that goes down. the government will owe 23 billion to social security recipients. the struggle continuing today, the top military officer said he does not know if the troops will get paid on time. and the admire ral mike mullen, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, acknowledged the uncertainty with a visit to troops in afghanistan. he has confidence that even if
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there is some sort of delay, everyone will get their back checks. >> closer to home, drivers on the bay bridge need to slow down, that's prompted new chp patrols. and we have more on how the spike was discovered. when you can expect more officers on duty. >> pull on to the curve and it is a median. >> the s-curve is starting. you can see the signs. you can feel the rumble that are going over. >> a barrage of speed deterrents from the lights to the signs. >> it is information overload when you get on the bridge, something they will not see are sensors. they have been there a couple of years and the data shows the drivers hit the curve on off peak hours are speeding up. >> we found the sensors that has been put up showed an increase 160 miles per hour. >> reporter: there was a time
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after this 2009 semi crash off the newly built s-curve that they were taking it with caution. tease days... >> people tend to drive faster than the speed limit. and chp does not stop you unless you are going above the flow of traffic. >> reporter: that's about to change. it started a crackdown doubling the number of officers on the bridge. the target, speeders who blow through the bridge once rush hour ends t has worked in the past. serious accidents dropped after a crackdown shortly after it was built. these new patrols could stop the speed before it becomes deadly. >> we don't want to see six months from now another increase. no arrest this morning in the case of brother john who was shot delivering hot meals to the homeless. a 29-year-old known on the street as brother john was shot in his van on wednesday
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morning. and friends and family gathered where they remembered him as a giving person. just to support him, his spirit, it is amazing. >> his 3-year-old stepdaughter was grazed by a bullet and pregnant wife was shot in the shoulder. they are expected to be okay. there is a reward for any information leading to an arrest in the case. more bay area headlines this morning, first it looked like a terrible murder now the defense says it was a terrible accident. last month the body of a man was found. he was killed and set on fire. authorities charged david diaz with murder. he claims that he died during a sexual encounter. diaz is being held on $5 million bail. two men are in jail after a
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chase t started after officers tried to pull over a car with two men inside. they spoted a suspect. and at one point they say someone tossed a gun out of the window. and a city may exit bankruptcy protection. as long as a judge accepts final arrangements with the city's largest creditor. and it declared bankruptcy facing a deficit. and declining tax revenue. less than 24 hours from now, racers will line up for the marathon t kicks off at 5:30 tomorrow morning. the route has several streets closed down. what to detect the detours. >> reporter: good morning. we have the marathon going on sunday morning, the start time is 5:30. 20,000 runners will attend. with all the people out there, we have a lot of street
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closures. first the route, they start by the embark dare row and they go to the presidio and back around to the beginning. you can expect a lot of street closures from midnight until 2:30 p.m. on sunday. some of those include stretches of king street, stewart street and howard. now including during the street race itself, there will be closures in and around the presidio and golden gate park. and several lines, and the s market, to get the latest information you can hit our web site at and we'll get out there and get exercise and enjoy the weekend. two hikers are asking for compassion they may get it. the lawyer for two graduates accused of spying say they may be released tomorrow. fingers crossed. family and friends of the two
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rallied in new york. the men claimed they were hiking in iraq and crossed an unmarked board near iran. a final hearing is set for tomorrow. ♪[music] ♪ the first funerals held yesterday for the 77 people killed in the norway massacre. people raised red roses to honor the victims. the confessed killer was calm when they questioned him for a second time. and some texans may wake up to puddles but don was a dud t was the best hope for rain fall in months. texas has been in extreme drought. the storm is now headed for mexico. what do you think of that? >> i think he other than a few puddles, they will not look for
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much. it is across the border. and weakening. we look at it here. see where it is headed, clouds, rain at this point out of the maps by tomorrow. i'm sure where across the bay we'll look for the fog to work back to the beach. we will look at the details coming up. there is a look of ocean beach where the fog is lingering. more subsun to come. >> he is more than a tall drink of water for the raiders. the trade that brought a 6'9" left tack toll oakland. dwich generation." a recent sur caught between your children and parents. how to survive what is called the sand wich generation. ♪ [ female announcer ] sweet honey taste. 80 calories per serving. 40% daily value of fiber.
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i'm here in the downtown area where the crowd is growing. [ female announcer ] watching calories at breakfast never tasted this sweet... i'll go get my bowl. [ female announcer ] ...or this huge. new fiber one 80 calories.
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almost half the families who and a survey by the council
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on contemporary families showed that half of families who have children expect to care for a parent as well. and july was designated awareness month for what is called the sandwich generation. and we take a look at how they are becoming multigenerational. they're not alone. >> can you help. give me that. >> reporter: fixing din ser on the fly is how families come up with the menu. but a sandwich is not just quick food, it is a generation. >> the sandwich generation is where they find themselves in a position where they have children that they're taking care of most times small children. >> this is my mom. >> reporter: they find their parents need help. and they're caught in the middle providing care to two opposite generations. >> reporter: an attorney
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targets the sandwich generation. >> it gives someone a resource. people don't know what to do. >> reporter: this situation is the ultimate juggling act taking care of children as well as aging parents t is tough to do it all and keep your sanity. talking to your folks could be the key before problems come up. >> find out what they want. the second thing is find out what they have in place, do they have a medical power of attorney or health care directive a trust. dodo they have a will? >> ready? >> reporter: nick cole knows this too well. she welcomed both her grandmother and moth near her home in san jose when they were sick. >> in 2004 my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. for her surgery i went to new york for a month to take care of her but i had to come home i have the kids. >> she and her then husband to be agree the only way to handle the situation was to ask her mom to live with the family in
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the south bay. the community, family and friends and employer all helped out. the experience, she says, taught her the importance of talking about what parents need. >> when she had her stroke she was in the hospital, she was unconscious they thought she would die that night. they came. they were asking us questions. my mom could not answer. i was like i don't know, my mom tells me what to do. >> her mom passed away. and they have talked about how to prepare their kids for the time they may be in the same situation. and a few steps can help. >> don't wait until you are in crisis mode. plan early. use the guide to take you through the steps necessary so that when the time comes when you need to care for your parents everything is in place t is easier. >> there are numerous resources on the internet including a web site called the sandwich
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and support groups can offer help, guidance and encouragement. you from a story idea log on to the web site. take a look and go to the closer look button and send me an e-mail. >> that's great advice there. how about advice on wardrobe for today? it will be typical summer. >> a mix of summer pattern. kirk not go around. -- you cannot go around -- you may need a rain coat by the afternoon if you go far enough into the valley. it's not like to you overdramatise the weather. when you say that i perk up. >> it is a chance of showers over the foothills mainly up to tahoe. they will see storms here this afternoon. and yosemite, the golden gate, we'll see clouds and fog. could be a bit of drizzle out there this morning. we take a look at the sky map.
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a chance of storms creeping in in the green area. that will be moving to the north and the west. that will bring it back into the valley. i don't think it will make it into the bay area. and again it will be close. it bears watching. why i mention you may want to keep an eye out for that. if you are headed inland. today our valleys will be in the 80s. warmer than they have been the last few days. we'll look for fog giving way to sunshine midup toker 60s. that should cover it. today we see high pressure system parked over the west. that will be circulating out of the southwest. back into the mountains of california. we saw it is moving into the area today for the north and
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tomorrow afternoon. we continue mild through the bay area. slightly warmer in the valley. nothing dramatic. we'll look for mid-to-upper 80s for the valleys. the fog gives way to sunshine this afternoon. >> a determining factor of the temperature range. we'll look for mid-to-upper 80s. and warmer than what you see here. there is the garlic festival. in the 80s there. having lots of fun. and taking a look at the 7-day forecast. we see the temperatures peeking out. and could be some low 90s inland. and those storms i mentioned should stay to the east. we look for a cool down through next week. the fog will flirt with the
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coast. that's what you expect status quo to continue. >> very good. >> now you mention the garlic festival. they have fired it up. that could make things miserable. >> you bet. >> all in the name of that. >> sounds good. we'll check that out. >> tough night for baseball fans. giants come up short in cincinnati. a's fall at home against the twins n football. a new left tackle for the raiders. we have more in sports. >> good morning the raiders found their new left tackle. you will not miss him. they are close to a deal with the 6'9" player. he will not be teammates with
7:19 am
all pro quarterback has agreed to a five-year $60 million deal with the eagles. carlos beltran had a first hit in a giants uniform but was a former giant and mvp who stole the spotlight. he hits it off brian wilson. astros right healedder hunter pence said goodbye after he found out he was going to philadelphia. and a's and twins. gonzales, five runs the most he lead this season and despite two homers and 5 r.b.i.s, they lose to the twins 9-5. and the match and between williams and sharapova. williams beat her opponent in straight sets. that's sports. we'll see you at 5:30.
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vampires beware, frying up garlic for the foody event of the summer. we have live pictures. and coming up. we're going to take a trip down gourmet alley. ,,
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followers. and the press has created quite a stir on twitter it cost
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him more than 30,000 followers. yesterday the campaign staff sent out tweets urging followers to tell their republican congressmen to support a bipartisan solution to this debt ceiling crisis t included the names, phone numbers and handles of republicans. followers felt the tweets were creating too much noise so they unfollowed the president. that is quite the insult. garlic lovers unite t is only 7:23. expect nowsants to groundarrange. we have more from gourmet alley. how is it going down there. >> i wish they had smell-a- vision it smell so good. i will be smelling like garlic all day. you know what, i'm okay with that when it comes to the festival. my first time here and there is a lot going on.
7:24 am
and i'm with the past president here. i'm impressed how organized you are and how much garlic you have here. >> we have thousands of pounds. and we're ready to serve it. we'll be open from 10 to 7. >> they're moving the causes there. you can see the causes. you have to have you make your spaghetti you will have your sauces. and things like that. we'll keep going. the fire that i see. and i see that this is a fireproof here as we walk down here. when you walk in you think we should be calling 911. there is a fire going on. this is the big popular. >> this is the flame up, this is where they cook the scampy and you will see a demonstration on the calamari. >> man this is good. i have come prepared.
7:25 am
i brought my mouth wash and i brought my mint gum you know with you ill be walking out of here and it will be a little sketchy. >> and certainly they have some kind of odd -- the fire. >> oh, there you go. stand back. we're going to be cooked here. and that, of course they're adding all that garlic on top of there. are you a fan of the garlic? >> yes f i eat too much i get stomach issues. i have been there a couple of years, i used to work in the area they have some odd garlic choices like garlic ice cream. have you tried it? >> i have not f there is a goal it is one thing, find the garlic ice cream and taste it. >> it is shockingly good. it is good. you would not think so. but for some reason it is a savory and it works.
7:26 am
and garlic wine. >> oh... try that for me. >> cheers to you. >> you are a great tour guide here. >> i know, a great place. if you can battle the traffic to get there. >> let me say i'll try anything. and as long as it takes good i'll try it, it should be a good weekend here. get ready. i'm sending it your way. >> it is maybe a little too early for that. and good eating. thank you for that report. and who is ready for football. fighting over ticket sales the nfl made the team. we're checking in with the tight-end of the 49ers about what it means for the fans. tion from the spea no deal on raising the debt limit the reaction from the speaker. where they don't see eye to
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eye. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. then we discovered chex cereals. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor, and that's amazing to a mom like me. as a parent you don't want to have to tell your kids "no" all the time. it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free. crisis. congress scrambles to strike a deal on raising the the u.s. on the brink of a credit crisis, congress scrambling to strike a deal on raising the debt limit by tuesday. the millions of californians that would lose a major source of funding if they fail. behind the scenes of an illegal pot raid in mendocino
7:30 am
county, the only state agency charged with destroying the drug. plus saving the last for roller skating fans in the south bay. welcome back to weekend "early edition." it is 7:30 straight up on july 30th. thanks for joining us. >> i'm jim bernard in to take a look at your summer weather pattern shaping up here for the end of july. as we see low clouds and fog prevail around the bay here this morning, we're looking at some clearing out to the east. we should bring -- which should bring more sunshine back to the area. temperatures will warm slightly for the inland valley here. and we will look for the possibility of some thunderstorms creeping into the foothills of the sierra and into the central valley here over the next couple afternoons, mainly up around the tahoe area and down around yosemite is where we'll see those. if you're traveling in that direction, be prepared for some thunder bumpers as definitely there will be some fireworks in the skies. we'll take a closer look at your bay area forecast for you coming up here in just a few minutes. in the meantime, we are three days away from the
7:31 am
deadline to raise the nation's debt limit, three days now. d.c. lawmakers are working all weekend trying to craft legislation that will pass both the senate and the house. last night the senate rejected house speaker john boehner's bill to raise the ceiling and cut spending by more than $900 billion. it had a provision that a second raising would be conditional on an amendment for fiscal reform. that no-vote came just two hours after the house narrowly passed the plan. boehner says he's already put his political well-being on the line. >> i stuck my neck out a mile to try to get an agreement with the president of the united states. i stuck my neck out a mile. >> the clerk will report. >> the senate rejected the boehner bill, but could use its framework to try to reach a new compromise. late last night senate majority leader harry reid offered up a new plan that incorporates more republican concerns and allows the president to raise the debt ceiling in three steps.
7:32 am
now, as of friday, the government has less than $39 billion on hand to pay its bills. get this, by tuesday, that's going to be less than $26 billion and on wednesday that number drops to less than $15 billion. that same day the government is going to owe $23 billion to social security recipients. come on, guys. the ongoing political battle is putting unemployment benefits in jeopardy in the meantime. officials in california say the $1.2 -- 1.2 million people right now on unemployment will likely not get paid if lawmakers fail to reach an agreement. the state's employment development department gets most of its money for benefits from the feds, and without a resolution in washington over the next few days, $320 million a week may disappear. a new challenge in the fight against illegal marijuana operations. the new state budget has eliminated funding for the agency charged with finding and destroying pot farms. they're still hard at work. patrick takes us behind the scenes of one of their raids.
7:33 am
>> reporter: an off-trail hike to the top of a ridge with drug agents in the mendocino national forest looking for pot. >> they can reproduce or get stuff going in 90 days and have a product. >> there's so many of these across the national forests. it would be -- it's difficult to get every single one of them. >> reporter: a rough trail gives way to wilderness, a half mile away from the roadside. up ahead a desserted campsite. here there's ample evidence people were here just before we got here, maybe two, maybe more, but they're gone now. onions and tomatoes still fresh clue someone was living here for weeks, maybe months. a tortilla oven sits abandoned among other comforts. and then: >> you can see we have marijuana plants here and these are pretty close to mature and ready to be harvested. >> reporter: agents say small marijuana farms like this are pretty typical in northern nal. this bust netted 5,000 plants, ready to sell, but no arrests.
7:34 am
>> apparently they heard the helicopters or something from the officers and they got away. >> this is a typical grow, water lips, gravity -- water lines, gravity fed from a stream or creek, i've seen up to three to four miles of of line. ronald reagan the farms are pretty >> reporter: the farms are pretty obvious from the air. >> if we see an area with a strong green, then we know it's out of the ordinary and it's not part of the forest. >> reporter: the plants grow underneath a canopy of trees that camouflage the crop while letting needed sunlight in. this farm is being chopped now, but it won't be long before another takes its place. >> it's not unusual for the marijuana growers to come back to the very site that they were at the year before. >> reporter: why? >> it's easier, they'll have their supplies already here, their camping stuff and all the stuff from last year, it'll all be here. >> reporter: the street value on this? >> oh, boy. i need a calculator. >> reporter: reporting from the
7:35 am
mendocino national forest, cbs 5. >> a recent assault by the agency on grow operations had netted nearly half a million marijuana plants in the mendocino national forest. authorities arrested 15 people in that case. family and friends gather to remember the oakland man known as father john. >> he lost his life giving and touching other lives and so just to support him, you know, it's the spirit, it's amazing. >> 29-year-old paris powell, known on the streets as brother john handed out meals to the homeless. he was shot in his van early wednesday morning. there is now a $25,000 reward for an arrest in that case. well, this is a sad story, the santa fired from the macy's in union square last year for telling a naughty joke has died. done toomey was found dead in an apartment which at a residential hotel in san francisco
7:36 am
yesterday. the restaurant hired him after macy's dumped him, even gave him a lifetime contract to play st. nick. he was 69 years old. he's believed to have died from natural causes. quite the guy. the highway patrol has started a new crackdown on speeding on the bay bridge. officials are worried about speeding on one section in particular. the temporary s curve, speed limit signs, flashing lights and the rumble strips warn motorists to slow down to 40 miles an hour, but sensors built into the bridge have detected excessive speed during off-peak hours. >> we found that the sensors that caltrans has put up has shown an increase of 10 miles an hour. >> in the bay area generally people tend to drive way faster than the speed limit and i notice that chp doesn't really stop you unless you're going, you know, above the flow of traffic. >> now the chp is doubling the numbers of patrols on the bridge. they're watching out for people who speed once aurora is over.
7:37 am
the goal is to, of course, cut down on serious accidents. thousands of racers will take over downtown san francisco tomorrow morning. it's all for the city's marathon. the 13th largest race in the nation. and you can expect to see some street closures on the race route. elizabeth wentger shows us where to expect detours. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. we've got the big san francisco marathon going on sunday morning, start time 5:30. over by the enbarko daro, 25,000 runners are expected to attend. with all those people out there, we have a lot of street closures. first we want to tell you about the route. they start by the enbarko dero and then heading through the pri sido, the mission district, haight and back to the enbark dero. 20,000 runners, yeah, you can expect a lot of closures. from midnight on saturday to 2:30 p.m. on sunday. this includes king street, stewart street and howard
7:38 am
street. now, including during the street race itself, there's going to be closures in and around the presidio and golden gate route. muni routes will be rerouted. several lines including the f market and enjuda, to get the latest hit up our website. get out there, get some exercise and enjoy the rest of your weekend. some texans may be waking up to puddles, but tropical storm don turned out to be a dud. the storm was the area's best hope for substantial rainfall in months. texas has been in an extreme drought. that storm is now headed for mexico. normally there are these impending big storms and it's all doom and gloom. but there they actually wanted it because they needed the rain. >> they didn't get it. as we take a quick look at don, we see it is fizzling out as it moves inland here and that trend will continue over the next couple of days. we'll have to wait for the next storm to bring them some potential relief. taking a look around the bay,
7:39 am
here's this morning, we see low cloud and fog which will be giving way to nor sunshine, almost back to the beach. by this afternoon we'll look for slight warming across the interior and i'll have all those details coming up for you next. game on for nfl's players and fans. coming up next former 49er and academy of art athletic director dr. jamie williams joining us to break down the new deal. and another bay area landmark going the way of the drive-in theater, where fans are hanging up their skates for the last time. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals can help your kids' school get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instruments. ♪ and new art supplies. ♪ because they're the only cereals with box tops for education. last year, schools earned over ten million dollars
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from big g cereals. you can raise money for your kids' school. look for this logo... only on big g cereals. you can make a difference. every cereal box counts. family again. today- the n's granddaugh wedding bells are ringing for the british royal family again. today the qep's granddaughter zahra phillips is tying the knot with rugby star mike continuedel. phillips is the 13 in line to the royal thrown, but she doesn't use a royal title. it's going to be a low-key affair relatively speaking. it's going to go on in
7:43 am
scotland, certainly low key, though compared to the glawrms ceremony of prince william and kate middleton. about 300 people on the guest list today. security is intense. the church is apparently very small. i hope we get to see some pictures out of there, though. you know, us girls, we always love to see the dress. >> okay. >> we're going to be talking football in a few minutes. but first let's talk weather. >> we're manning up in the weather department here where we see more sunshine headed your way by this afternoon as the morning low clouds and fog prevail this morning as you would expect this time of year. taking a look out from the transamerica building we see lots of low cloud cover here. in and around the bay this morning with, again, the fog expected to give way to mostly sunny skies by this afternoon. we do have the added ingredient here of some thunderstorm activity moving up from the desert southwest. now, the green areas here show you where it's likely today, down around yosemite, into the foothills of the sierra. it'll be moving north and west through the day tomorrow which could bring it back into areas around the bay, maybe mount diablo, the san lucia range to
7:44 am
the south, it may be tomorrow afternoon that you see some buildups unless you're headed inland to yosemite or lake tahoe in which case you'll probably see some this afternoon and tomorrow. so plan accordingly as it could be a bit bumpy out there this afternoon. mostly sunny in and around the bay. i see sunny with two is. we'll correct that. slightly warmer -- fast typing thats to happen. partly foggy at the beach, even later this afternoon, continued mild as our warmer locations will be in the mid-to low 90s today. more like upper 80s for the rest of the fringe areas out there in the valley as we see high pressure prevailing out in the desert southwest. that will bring that subtropical moisture up from the desert southwest into the northern mountains here as it moves across the foothills of the sierra and northward over the next couple of days with the afternoon thunderstorm potential, continued mild for the bay as we continue to see our fog and low clouds subtly
7:45 am
move in and out. in the overnight hours here, we'll expect lots of afternoon sunshine out there today as, again, our summer pattern continues. temperature wise we'll be little warmer than yesterday, but nothing dramatic. just a degree or two here. across the bay as we look for mid- to upper 80s, for most of the inland location, could be a low 90 or two in there. and the garnet festival we'll be looking at upper 80s this afternoon as things already getting under way there. we'll look for mid-60s right at the beach and on the peninsula here this afternoon. the warming trend will peak out today and gradually begin to cool through the week and once again by next weekend we'll look for temperatures in the mid-80s range, lots of low cloud cover around late night and early morning hours, giving way to that lovely partial afternoon clearing which we can anticipate here for the next several weeks at least. there you go, ann, your classic summer forecast well in place once again. >> sounds good, thanks, jim. a deal has been reached and the lockout is over.
7:46 am
nfl players and coaches back on the field after the league's longest work stoppage ever. former 49er and athletic academy of art athletic director jamie williams joining us with more on what players are calling a fair and balanced deal. what do you think, jamie? what do you think of this whole deal? it was such a long time in coming, people are freaking out. >> i think it is fair and balanced. this is -- let's talk winners and losers first because they're the real deal. i think the winners are the fans because they're going to get their football and also the veterans of the league because now the training camps are going to be shorter, they're only going to be one pad at practice which is good and also taking a lot of money from the rookies that are coming in. we always talk about the bust, they get a big-time quarterback and he doesn't become anything, he did a lot in college, comes to the pros, it's a whole different ball game and you've just guaranteed this person all kinds of money. it's like they're taking it away now and going to distribute it
7:47 am
to the veterans, guys who have proven they can play in the league. the owners win in some ways because they get more of the revenue split right now, it was 50/50, now it's 53/47. the owners are happier about that. i think the veterans are happy that they're not going to beat themselves up all through training camp like the 12 that i went through. >> right. that is very tough. but that kind of makes for a more competitive season i would think, you know, more intense practices, does that -- i mean, will we see a lesser season because of that? >> this whole deal is about money and the money is in the players. if you lose a star player, okay, now when you lose games, you lose sponsorship, you lose a lot. >> we lose a player because -- >> he's injured. >> it's because they overspent on practices? >> that's right. and these guys are thoroughbreds, they're the best of the best. but if you tweak one and you miss half the season, there goes your playoff chances. i think what they're doing now
7:48 am
is do more to protect players against concussions, do more to protect players from -- up, players getting hurt in practice and wearing down at the end. i think bill walsh was one of the guys who led that, he's, like, we're not going to beat each other up, we're going to play a se reb ral game and spread it out on sunday. >> it is mainly about money which is kind of a funny thing to the rest of us because we're talking about millions, billions of dollars for these players. you know, was it worth the fight for that kind of money? i mean, everybody is obviously going to be well paid regardless. >> the owners are already rich, so they're going to continue to make money and then the top players are still going to make money, they'll make money in any season, you know, the peyton mannings and guys like that, but it's the middle guy, it's the middle class of the league that now supposedly is going to be pinch hitting for guys like myself who are retired and then the guys who -- they make up the meat of the game. they're going to be better compensated and better taken
7:49 am
care of and i think that's a great thing for the game. >> what do you say to the fans out there who are a little disgusted about how long this went on? you know, people are so excited and to know that these guys are, you know, getting upset over a million here a million there, what do you say to people who are kind of -- >> well, they're on the outside. i'm going to go back to a famous line from the movie "north dallas 40" when the frustrated player said, you know, every time i say it's a game, you say it's a business. and every time i say it's a business you say it's a game. and that is the die cot mi that you deal with when you deal with the nfl. at the end of the day, though, the stories are always written every sunday in the nfl, we don't know who's going to win and who's going to lose. there's the drama, that's what the fans want to see and the players want to perform. >> thanks for your insight
7:50 am
dr. jamie. >> the urban knights, check us out. coming up next where thousands of garlic fans will need this weekend and saying good-bye to a self-made i con , why the ring's owners are closing their doors for good. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
7:51 am
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gilroy's 33rd annual garlic another loss in a dying breed -- eight minutes before 8:00 on this saturday morning. this weekend the bay area will experience the last of a dying breed, roller skating rinks, after more than three decades. the owner are hanging up their skates. as kit explains, the closure has little to do with the lack of money. >> reporter: the only thing harder than succeeding in the roller rink business is leaving it. can you say with 100% certainty this is not something you're
7:53 am
going to regret? >> no. >> reporter: chris and trace st. germane have practically worked seven days a week, 10 to 12 hours a day for much of the past 34 years. >> basically you guys are tired. >> yes. to put it simply, yes. >> reporter: with admission at $5 to $15, financially the rink is doing well, but the building itself is also getting old and taking more time and money to maintain. you could raise prices. >> that's not right. i mean, i think we're as high as it is. i feel we're as high as it is. >> reporter: the st. germanes opened the rink in 1977, quickly becoming a favorite local hangout. the sport took out and cal state even hosted the first world games. since then it has spawned generations of summertime memories and awkward teen romances. have you ever come here without a girlfriend and left with one? >> i wouldn't calm her a girlfriend, -- call her a
7:54 am
girlfriend, but, yeah, i did. >> reporter: a lot of flirting going on there. what was it like hanging out with the boys? >> you shake your booty and have fun. >> reporter: when opened there were 18 rinks in the area. now there will only be five. the st. germanes say they'll work as consultants or invest the money. but nevertheless, time to roll into the next phase of their lives. >> i want to thank the skaters that have really supported us and have come back over all the years. >> it feels kind of corny. to quote bob hope, thanks for the memories. >> reporter: and speaking of romance, you'll never guess where the owner of cal state met his wife yep, right here at the rink. the final skate session >> that brings back memories for me too, the old roller skating couple skating. used to be a real mean twister too. good times.
7:55 am
that last session is tomorrow night starting at 6:00 p.m. we'll be right back. ,, [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. then we discovered chex cereals. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor, and that's amazing to a mom like me. as a parent you don't want to have to tell your kids "no" all the time. it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free.
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7:57 am
lawmakers in washington will eekend to try and here's a look at this morning's top stories before we leave you today. lawmakers in washington working through the weekend to try to hammer out a compromise on raising the debt limit. the deadline for default is just three days away. and taking another look down in gill roy, this is footage from this morning, some serious flamage there, cooking up some garlic sensations. the 33rd annual garlic festival in full swing. the weekend-long celebration of all things garlic is kicking off with a cookoff, live entertainment and music. thousands of people will clog the road to gilroy just to get a taste. so be aware of that, a little traffic alert there in the far south bay. weather for today? it looks very summery which if
7:58 am
you're out there with a hot flame it might be a bit much. >> it might be a bit much, but i think we've got some low clouds in across gilroy right now. they will warm this afternoon, and the skies clear, they'll look for mid- to upper 80s there, as will most of the inland locations. pick the climate of your choice and plan accordingly. mid-to low 60s at the beach, mid- to upper 60s on the peninsula, low- to mid-70s in the east bay and those mid-80s out across the interior. so quite a choice there. >> looking lovely. >> indeed. finally, usually the commercials come in between new segments, but a station up in portland had a walking, talking, just barely talking -- >> i know what this is about. >> from the satellite feature it looks like this, have romantic, your hair blowing in lots and lots of wind and pushing the storm front right up into canada. i'm so sorry, canada. >> boo.
7:59 am
that's fabio doing the weather. i don't know why people think he's so hot. the hair not doing it for me. ,,,,,,

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